What? Ice Cream For Breakfast Can Make You Smarter

Ice cream breakfasts are¬†reserved for the richest, most entitled citizens. The kind of people that don’t have to set morning alarms and have the same personal trainer that sculpted Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s body. Ice cream breakfasts are equally reserved for the lowest and most pathetic of us. The sad sacks of society, the unemployed and the recently dumped.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we lived in a world where ice cream breakfasts could be enjoyed by the masses. After all, what’s the difference between putting milk on your cereal and putting ice cream on it? Don’t answer that.

We’ve got some hot science that will chill your breakfast from now on.

A Japanese scientists has discovered that ice cream ingested early int he day improves a person’s alertness and mental performance. Subjects had to eat ice cream as soon as they woke up and then exercises their brains on a computer program.

In a result we were all hoping for, the ice cream eaters exhibited fast reaction times, reports The Telegraph.

But hang on, was it not just the cold nature of the treat that stirred the increased alertness? Well when they repeated the experiment with cold water, alertness was still higher but the levels were still lower than the subjects who started the day with ice cream.

That’s a relief!

British nutritionists are dampening our dreams. Katie Barfoot said, “A possible explanation [for increased alertness]… is the simple presence of consuming breakfast vs. not consuming breakfast.”

“This, however, does not condone eating dessert for breakfast. A study which explores the interaction between consumption of low and high GI foods, whilst including a fasted group,¬†would establish a better understanding of this increased mental capacity”.

Okay, fine. We know ice cream isn’t part of a balanced breakfast but you’re not our Mum. We’re adults which means we don’t need ‘science’ to tell us what to eat.

Now who’s up for some scoops?