A Hybrid Of Kale And Sprouts, Kalettes, Could Be A Part Of Your Christmas Dinner This Year

Children of the world, prepare yourselves. While we come to terms with our living nightmare becoming realised, the Trump Presidency, the youth are going to have a similarly sobering moment this Christmas when they find the sprout-kale hybrid they always feared on their plate: fear the kalettes.

The vegetable Frankenstein are nutty and sweet tasting according to the Express. Its creation was to win over the strong anti-sprout movement that’s been building momentum in households for decades now.


Image credit: RexFeatures

Grown by Staples Vegetables in Lincolnshire, this petalled green orbs are going to be sweeping the nation this Christmas, says Nigel Clare, commercial director for Staples.

“The Kalettes are milder tasting than sprouts and so we think it is more friendly for the general public and kids alike. From a children’s point of view we have this process at Christmas where they will have three sprouts which they push around the plate.”

The rogue vegetable has already been taste tested all over the world under the alias of the ‘Flower Sprout’. In the marketing ploy of the year, this vegetable was sold exclusively to food-lover at M&S. Now Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons want a piece of the action.


This vegetable has been selling like hot-cakes as well, Clare said of their test run: “Our expectation is that we will sell the same volume in a week that we sold in the six-week trial last year.”

But what’s going to convince the average Christmas dinner cook to switch from your classic sprout (with a bit of bacon preferably) to this new vegetable.

The company behind the kalette feel as if their biggest concern isn’t that the nation will deem this officially yucky, but that people won’t really understand what they are.

We’ll hold our judgement until Christmas day.┬áIn fairness, out of all the food items on your plate, sprouts aren’t really going to be miss.