This Is How Much Money (And Time) We Spend On Dating

TBH, it's ridiculous

We’ve just learnt how much we spend on dating in our lifetimes. And quite frankly, it’s terrifying.

According to new research by restaurant group Côte, Brits on average splash out £114,939 on finding the perfect partner.

We go on 3,483 dates, with each lasting two hours. This adds up to a staggering nine months, two weeks and two days overall. Wow.

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The survey also revealed that those in London are the biggest serial daters, with 43% confessing to going on more than one date a week.

Dinner is the popular choice nationally, but both Londoners and Mancunians are challenging the dating norms by opting for breakfast meet-ups instead (6%).

It also turns out that we’re a nation of foodies. A restaurant date appeals to almost half (49%) of us – and the other half cite cooking at home as their preferred romantic gesture.

TBH, we’re now starting to think that something a little cheaper could be a better option. A long walk, anyone?