This Is How Many Frogs We Kiss Before Finding Our Prince, Apparently


We’ve all kissed a few frogs in our time, but have you kissed 22?

Apparently, that’s how many people women tend to smooch before finding their princes. Meanwhile, men have 25 snogging partners before settling down.

Not only that, but we go through an average of five failed relationships. Most people will do the dumping three times, and two splits will leave us in tears. Depressing, eh?

Greg Tatton-Brown – from online casino, who commissioned the study – says: ‘Ahead of the Royal Wedding, we wanted to find out the lengths the average Brit has to go through to find the prince or princess of their heart.

‘Twenty three smooches might seem like a ways to go to find your other half, but for most Brits itโ€™s worth it for true love.’

If you’re over 27, we have some even more miserable news for you. The survey also found that most Brits reckon you should have found your soulmate by that age.

But TBH, who cares what most Brits think? And how many frogs you kiss? Some people don’t ever plan on having a long-term relationship or getting married, and that’s totally fine.

Some will hit the jackpot with their childhood sweetheart, others will have to deal with their share of f*ckboys (*sigh*).

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found their Ones

But if you are on the hunt for The One, we reckon Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials next month will ensure romance is in the air.

Greg adds: ‘Prince Harry has had a storied love life and has no doubt had plenty of opportunities to kiss some eligible princesses – as well as his fair share of frogs.

‘Hopefully Harry and Meghanโ€™s looming matrimony will spell love, not only for the happy royal couple, but for other love-seeking Brits across the country.’

If not, we’ll still get to see Hazza in his best. And in our opinion, that’s always a good thing.