This Is How Long It Takes People To Fall In Love With Their Partner

And how long it takes for them to admit it...

Dropping the L-bomb is always a big deal, and it can be difficult to know when is the right time.

According to new research from Gala Bingo, 43% of Brits say it takes just three months for them to fall in love – but 18% wait an additional three months to actually say it out loud.

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Overall, 63% say they are well and truly smitten by the six-month mark of dating.

But even when people do feel ready to tell their partner how they feel, things aren’t that simple. 16% refuse to utter those three little words until their partner says them first, with women (23%) more guilty of waiting than men (5%).

However, not everyone is the same, with 14% of those surveyed saying they’d tell their beau immediately after they realised.

Karina Adrian – PR and Brand Partnership Manager at Gala Bingo – says: ‘There’s nothing quite like being in love, but the journey itself can be quite turbulent and, unfortunately for us, there are no set rules or guidelines.

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‘Our research shows everyone’s journey is different, and that’s probably what makes love so beautiful; no two relationships are the same.’

Aw. Quite cute really, don’t you think?