Apparently, These Are The Names That Earn The Most And The Least

It makes for pretty depressing reading (soz)

If you’re expecting a baby, it probably seems a bit over-the-top to already be thinking about their future career.

We mean, he/she may be a kicker, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be an amazing can-can dancer. Although NGL, that would be quite cool.

But new research has revealed that the names our parents give us could actually be impacting our success.

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Did Ed Sheeran’s name set him up for success?

How do we know this? Well, Adzuna took 500,00 CVs uploaded to ValueMyCV and analysed their first names and salaries, giving an average pay for 1200 names.

TBH, it’s pretty depressing. Proving that the gender pay gap is still in full force (*heavy sigh*), male names appear to hold the most value.

The highest-earning female name earns £22,570 less than its male counterparts, and nine of the 10 least-valued names are female. These include Paige (£20,190), Chelsea (£21,044) and Bethany (£21,488).

The lowest-earning male name is Reece (£22,952) and second and third are Connor (£24,471) and Patryk (£25,207).

The highest-earning English name is Ed (£61,362), in comparison with the Scottish name Bruce at £48,794 and the Irish name Neil at £45,455.

Bethany Joy Lenz

We mean, One Treee Hill’s Bethany Joy Lenz has done alright for herself…

Liz is the highest-earning female name, with an average salary of £38,792. But shockingly, this ranks at a meagre 317th overall. Yep, THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEENTH.

Want to know how your name ranks? Check out the ValueMyName tool here (but if you’re a woman, don’t get too excited 🙄).

Andrew Hunter – co-founder of Adzuna – says: ‘The ValueMyName tool has shown us that, regardless of 2018 being the supposed “Year of the Woman”, we’re still a long way off reaching equality between women and their male counterparts.

‘We can see the gender pay gap is affecting the majority of the nation regardless of status, wealth and occupation. Equal pay needs to be at the forefront of employers’ and business owners’ minds throughout the entire hiring process.’

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