Here’s Why ANYONE Can Run A Marathon

Sorry if that headline sounds like one of those crappy ‘I claimed two million pounds from my bank, this is how!’ adverts but there is some truth nestled in the hyperbole. Anyone that has run a marathon, at one point, properly didn’t believe they could ever run a marathon.

The reason we’re writing about marathon running in November is because if you start training now, you’ll be way ahead of the curve for the summertime. Unfortunately, due to the huge demand, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a spot in the London Marathon.

But don’t let that stop you!

Most runners need 3-4 months of specific marathon training before they’re ready. StrengthRunning recommends that “you start marathon training at a weekly mileage level of at least 20-25 miles.”

That’s not too bad! That’s about 30 kilometres a week. This means that if you run a 5K every day of the week with one rest day, you’re already doing great work.

But those calculations are based on the three month preparations, you’ve got way more time than that!

The bad news is that some bodies just aren’t destined for the physical, mental and spiritual strife of running 26 miles. The good news is that you don’t know that about yourself until you try.

So while not everybody can run a marathon, anybody can give it a go. And absolute worst case scenario, if everything goes completely wrong, you’ll be in slightly better shape than when you started!

This year Eddie Izzard ran 27 marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief. He did it by sticking to a slow and steady pace – around 12 to 13 minutes a mile – nearly half the speed of the world class marathon runners.

He said of the experience “This pace is perfectly manageable with a healthy heart — with the right motivation, any of us could do it”.

There you have it, you’re not going to break any records but with the right preparation you can slowly finish a marathon.