Is Healthy Eating Really Making Us Fat?

There’s a good reason to not trust too much today. That feeling of powerlessness you’ve got brewing all up inside? The only weapon you have against that is scepticism. Don’t trust politicians that say they have your interests at heart and don’t trust food that claims to be healthy because it probably isn’t.

Like bad foods, good foods also need to be consumed responsibly. NHS weight loss consultant surgeon and founder of Vavista Life, Dr Sally Norton, has shared her rules for enjoying healthy food… healthily.

Quality Over Quantity

“Beans, whole grains, yoghurt, fruit, olive oil – all carry loads of health benefits but check you aren’t eating them to excess.” Even nuts and dried fruits are insanely calorific so you’re better off having a full meal for lunch than snacking on these types of foods.

Keep Your Wits About You

“Clever manufacturers know that healthy food is a market winner. We are often happy to pay more if we think that a food is good for us. Problem is, unless we look carefully at the small print, we may simply be persuaded to buy when we spot a label that says natural sugars, healthy, organic, whole grain and the like.”

Be Careful With Your Rewards

We eat more when we feel like we deserve it. If we have a salad for lunch, for example, we’re more inclined to undo all the good we’re doing for ourselves later. “Diners told that they are eating healthy food tend to consume larger portions than those who are given the same food but without that information.”

It seems as if this culture of healthy eating is creating unhealthy patterns within our brains. We overcompensate in some departments and forget that eating balanced is better than any weird fad diet.

Eat when you’re hungry and relax, you’re probably fine.