We Just Learned Something *Crazy* About What Cold Showers Do To Us!

When have cold showers ever been a viable option? Probably never. If the boiler breaks they’re a necessary evil but beyond that (and maybe heat-waves) our instincts are to avoid them at most costs.

The only thing worse than being hit with the icy chill of a cold shower is the gradual wave of frost that hits your core when you exit a warm shower. However, and we’re sure you’ve a version of this spiel before, cold showers might be the way of the future.

The generally known improvements of blizzard showers are, supposedly, increased circulation, stress relief, mental clarity and improved immunity. We suppose whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… and some cold showers make you feel like you’re on the edge.

That all sounds lovely and all but is it worth turning your bathroom into an arctic tundra every day before work?

A new study from The Netherlands seems to think so. According to the Independent: “participants who had a cold blast at the end of their shower recovered more quickly from illnesses, and took fewer days off work, than those who had regular showers”.

See? You don’t even need to submerge yourself entirely – just a  chill blast at the end!

Out of the study of 3,000 people, more than two thirds of them inferred that a cold blast boosted their energy levels as much as a strong cup of coffee. That’s quite a kick!

A writer for Refinery29 took the extra step and took the 30-day cold shower challenge reporting: “I would recommend it as a quick energy and mood-booster”.

So what we’re discovering here is that there are only benefits to twisting the temperature knob a little more to the blue side.

In fact, a recent BBC documentary found that cold showers were a really effective way of treating patients suffering severe depression. One patient had been taking antidepressants for eight years and is now using cold shower treatments as a way of weaning herself off of medication!

Our advice: suck it up and take the cold plunge, your body will thank you in the long run!