This *Awesome* Health App Can Track Your Calories Through Photos Of Your Food

Health tracker apps all have one fatal flaw: they don’t account for guilt-ridden humans lying to them. Especially ones that require you to input the amount of calories you’ve consumed, it’s easy to fudge the details and occasionally miss out a zero…

Logging your calories has proven to be a flawed¬†method¬†of managing your weight but it’s a simple and ubiquitous system that doesn’t require you to upheave your entire life to shift some pounds. We’re not going to knock it!


However, the newest app in the calorie counting game, Lose It!, is here to aid even the most compulsive diet-liars into taking responsibility for their actions (and profiteroles).

What separate Lose It! from other food tracking apps is the ability to upload photos of your food and have the calories counted for you. Of course the app can’t identify what lurks beneath the first layer of your lasagne so some manual input will be required.

That said, the app has food recognition software and analytic tools to give you a rough idea of how many calories you’re consuming if you can’t be bothered to remember what kind of cheese you topped your pesto with.


Can you imagine your Instagram account looking like this?

What’s also cool about the app is that it remembers your meals, how many calories they contain and the ingredients (if you input them before, that is). It’s like your personal nutritionist that also doubles as a recipe book.

Lose It! is free from the app store and we encourage you to check it out if that sounds like something you’re into. However, if you’re not, that’s awesome too.

Tracking your calories can be overwhelming for a lot of people and cause more stress than results. The key is to find a dieting technique that fits you, not the other way around!