The Latest Pet Trend Is Making Hats For Cats From Their Own Fur

We’ll never fully understand how weird people get with their pets. Remember back in the day when we were all astounded if we saw someone carrying their dog in their handbags? I for one still maintain that it’s cruel and demeaning.

Here’s the hypocrisy, though. I think the trend that has owners of cats making hats for their fluffy buddies from their own fur is adorable.

You might think this is gross, and that’s totally fair. I’d ask what the difference between cat fur attached to your cat and cat fur found on your floor. Either way, malting cats are a nuisance as anybody that’s had a cat in the summer will tell you.

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki has found an adorable way of using all this discarded cat fur. He collects the fur and moulds tiny cat hats out of it.

As Metro report, Yamazaki’s cats are Scottish Folds and go by the name Nya, who is an eight-year-old tabby, Maru, who is six years old and white, and Mugi, a one-year-old brown tiger.

We’re not sure how the cats feel about these hats. While River Island are paving the way for dog fashion, cats aren’t really the type of creatures you should try to dress up. They’ve made it clear for centuries that they just want to be left alone.

But that’s the beauty of the fur hats, because they’re so lightweight (and made of the same stuff that covers cats from head to toe) we bet they don’t even notice their hairy trilbies, cone hats and toupees.

This one below has the caption “Nobody makes use of boxes better than me. I will build a great wall of boxes in my room, and I will make my owner pay for that wall.”

「俺の時代が来たぜ?」😼✨ 我が家の大統領に就任したドニャルドトランプ氏。 これからは1日3食に加え食後のオヤツはモンプチを要求しており、ダイエット中かつちゅ〜る派の兄貴達から早くも反発の声があがっている💥 #ドニャルドトランプ #我が家の暴走王 #抜け毛サロン #抜け毛貯金 Nobody makes use of boxes better than me👍🏻 I will build a great wall of boxes in my room, and I will make my owner pay for that wall. 😼📦 #trumpyourcat #cat #scottishfold #neko #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catlover #instacat #gato #chat #猫 #ねこ #ネコ #ふわもこ部 #もふもふ #スコティッシュフォールド #茶トラ

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Check out some more cats with hats below!