The Most *Hated* English Words According To The Rest Of The World

There are some words that just creep under the skin, like toxic molasses (that’s one of them). What’s so wonderful about the English language is also its biggest downfall: associations. Certain phrases and utterances carry the weight that make them as desirable as pungent yolk… (gross).

With The Great British Bake Off up and running, choruses of people are echoing their hatred of the word ‘moist’. And rightly so. It’s the sociopath’s favourite word based solely on the fact that everyone hates it…

Oxford Dictionary recently started a campaign #OneWorldMap that provided the opportunity to find the least favourite English word across the globe. There was no criteria so it was pretty much a subjective experiment to see if there are some words that are universally hated.

The results are below with surprising words and not so surprising words according to the country:

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

What really isn’t surprising is the consensus that ‘moist’ is the worst English word across all English-speaking countries. It truly is horrible. The collective population of UK, USA, Canada and Australia is 449 million people. Roughly this many people hate ‘moist’ so please stop saying it.

Answers submitted will allow Oxford Dictionaries to map out the world according to least popular words and what generations, genders and countries hate accordingly.

The project has 10,000 submissions right now with a 52/48 split between men and women. It’d be interesting to see if men hate the word ‘moist’ as much as women…

What is also quite interesting is what non-English speaking countries put as their least favourite word. India’s was, hilariously, ‘love’.

The word ‘no’ is pretty despised across the board proving, once and for all, human beings really don’t like being told they can’t have or do things…