Harry Potter Yoga Exists And It’s Truly Magic

We’ll admit that the Harry Potter franchise has spiralled into the heavens with spin-off profitability. There are eyeshadow palettes based off of the books-turned-films for goodness sakes. We’re not complaining it’s just… weird, you know?

Universities host Quidditch tournaments as well. The internet likes to mock the students that wake up early on a Sunday to stick a broom between their legs and throws a deflated football around but that’s only because they’re insecure about not being as big Harry Potter fans as they claim to be… just saying.

However, playing Quidditch when you’ve got a full time job isn’t easy. There are fitness alternatives though that keep you in shape and allow you to profess your love for the wizarding world. Introducing Harry Potter yoga.

Unfortunately, and we should put this first as not to disappoint anyone, this particular class was a one-time thing but one bar in Austin hosted a Harry Potter yoga class and it looks incredible.

Commemorating the anniversary of James and Lily Potter’s deaths, a group of yoga fans got to sweat the fandom out of their systems and refuel with complimentary booze – butterbeer was available, hopefully.

The yoga instructor stayed in character throughout the whole session using locations, characters and villains. As HelloGiggles report: “Participants incorporated wands into their backbend poses. Why, you ask? To summon a Patronus and cast off Dementors, of course.”

If we were any more on board we’d be on the Hogwarts Express.

Once the session was over the feast commenced with house-specific cookies, pumpkin juice and a Mandrake garden.

@circlebrew celebrated the lives of Lily and James Potter today with a special cask of pumpkin juice! The sorting hat kept me company at the bar.

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It breaks our hearts that every yoga class can’t be this fun. At the end of the session, the instructor read out loud from The Deathly Hallows as the class cooled down with the tree pose (hopefully referred to as Whopping Willow pose).

Everyone also got an Azkaban style mugshot on their way out too… we’re jealous.