People Are Going *Crazy* Over This Harry Potter Fan Theory Involving His Death

Five years on from the release on the final Harry Potter film, people are still trying to find new meanings between the frames. Can you blame people? Even with the smash success of theatre production Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, fans are always trying to claw more excitement out of their favourite franchises.

In the latest wave of fan theories comes one that seems to be striking a chord will a lot of people. It is a fan theory so, fair warning, it’s needlessly complicated and involves the most confusing scene across the six films: the other-wordly King’s Cross Station after Harry faces Voldemort in the forest. (Most confusing excluding the time travel stuff from Prisoner Of Azkaban – what the hell was that about?)

This is kind of the emotional crux of the movie where Dumbledore (who is so present after his death that it really doesn’t feel like he died at all) ties all the loose threads together and gives Harry all the exposition he needs to understand why a speccy-runt like him defeated the most powerful wizard of all time…

In a new theory spotted on Movie Pilot, one user dug deep into Dumbledore’s explanation of why Harry apparently wasn’t actually killed by Voldemort. The bearded one tells Harry it’s because Voldemort used Harry’s blood to recreate his body in Goblet Of Fire and therefore Lily Potter’s protection stopped Harry from dying, again”. You with us?


However, this theory argues that Harry did actually die.

The theory goes like this: if Lily’s love had protected Harry, it would have acted the same way it did back when Hazza was a baby and was attacked by Voldemort. Meaning that the spell would have rebounded like it did before (and it didn’t) and the curse would have left a scar like it did before (and it didn’t).

Furthermore, “to destroy a Horcrux, the container must be destroyed”. Voldemort locked a piece of his soul within Harry and by attacking him in this instance it destroyed that little piece. The Horcrux was destroyed when Harry was hit by the killing curse and therefore Harry should have died. Lily’s love would have protected the Horcrux too since it was a part of her son but it didn’t. But the Horcrux was destroyed so Harry must have died, right?


How did he come back from the dead then? If Harry actually did die and Dumbledore is a fat liar, how did our protagonist come back from the after-life? (which is apparently an empty train station, I always assumed when wizards die they all end up in that chill painting universe).

If you do the maths, Harry was in possession of the invisibility cloak, the resurrection stone and the Elder Wand – the Deathly Hallows. Let’s remind you: “The Hallows, if united, will make the possessor Master of Death”. BOOM.

This is why Harry could protect the rest of his Hogwarts peers from the binding effects of Voldemort, he sacrificed himself for them the same way Lily Potter did for him back in 1981.

Make sense?