Hangover-Free Alcohol Is A Thing And We Couldn’t Be More Supportive

Drinking excessively is like stealing happiness from tomorrow. No matter how great the night out is (and I can only think about two exceptions to this rule), the hangover is almost certainly never worth it. Those last three drinks did nothing for the quality of the night and you pay for them dramatically.

The feeling of a hangover is up there with standing on lego as one of the most universally hated feelings. However, science has got our back. Good old science, turning the problems of now into the memories of the future: hangover-free alcohol is in development.


Rumour has it that in the 1980s, bars would lock-up for the nigth and bring out inhalant alcohols. You would consume gaseous alcohol, get hammered and avoid a hangover before you weren’t dehydrated.

Apart from the obvious health risks, measurements of gas couldn’t be taxed so these modern speakeasies were shut down.

In 2016, alcosynth is a non-toxic drink that is designed to fill you with the same unabashed hype of regular alcohol without feeling like you’re rotting from the inside the next morning.

The Independent report that the drink was first created by Professor Nutt from Imperial College. He has patented around 90 alcosynth compounds, two of which are being tested!


Nutt is an ambitious party animal with hopes of totally replacing conventional alcohol by 2050.

But naturally we have doubts. Alcosynth’s effects have the same longevity as regular drunk-juice but can’t possibly create the same level of drunkenness which, for moderate drinkers and the police, is probably a really good thing.

Alcosynth plans to be the healthier alternative spirit that sits alongside whisky and gin at the back of the bar. It will still keep your inhibitions at bay but without the risk of having the cancel every Brunch plan ever the following morning!

We’re 100% on board!