This Bar Is Designed To Help You Get Over Your Hangover

A hangover is the result of adulting too hard, or maybe not adulting enough? We’re entirely sure. On one hand, drinking is the most adult thing you can do, however, downing ten servings of paint stripper and then emptying your stomach in an alley next to a bus stop is pretty infantile behaviour.

Regardless, people should get off each other’s backs when it comes to hangovers. We’re all too judgey and not sympathetic enough, especially considering that we’ve all been in that hungover position. The feeling that you’re life is disintegrating quicker than your liver.

If only there were a place full of empathetic strangers, comfy beds and all-you-can-handle nutrition?

The Hangover bar in Amsterdam is setting out to help throbbing-headed and queasy-stomached party goers recover from their night. This pop-up bar is set up by mattress company MattSleeps as a clever way to showcase the quality of their beds.

Before arriving, guests that know that they’re going to be worse for wear book one of the bar’s luxurious beds. Here’s the cool thing: on your way in, stewards administer breathalyser tests to make sure you’re either not too drunk to come in or not so sober that you’re taking up spaces that hungover people need more than you.

This place is truly a sanctuary for the hungover. Covered in beautiful greenery, there a several fresh water fountains for guests to rehydrate themselves with.

There’s also an oxygen bar to stop clients feeling like they need 7,000 hours sleep. On top of that, each bed area has a selection of on-demand films to just melt in front of.

The bar section of the ‘hangover bar’ serves all manner of fresh juices and smoothies to rejuvenate and start making reparations with your body for the kebab you had the night before.