Guy Ruins Celebrity Photos With His *Hilarious* Photoshop Skills

The internet is a worldwide hub for discussing important topics, sharing news and generally contributing to the progression of humanity. It is also the best place for getting silly with photoshop for kicks and giggles….

Photoshop is the go-to tool for image editing in any creative industry. However, we’d argue that the people who become the most skilful with the program are those people that have a great idea for a joke and put, arguably, too much time into actualising it.

There’s a popular subreddit called ‘Photoshop Battles‘ where image editors are challenged to turn interesting pictures into more creative photoshop creations. Some of them are truly impressive. At time of writing this is the number one photoshop of the day… the original picture was Obama using a VR headset.


Suffice to say, you can have some real fun with photoshop. And that’s exactly what Average Rob did. The Belgian has made waves recently by shopping himself into celebrity photos doing mundane tasks.

There’s no hidden metaphor about celebrity status or any digs, it’s just good, old fashioned fun. Check out a collection of his Instagram posts below.