Have Greggs Gone Too Far With Their Festive Food Lip Balm?

We’ve got a question that’s more pertinent this Christmas more than any other holiday season before this: gross food places, why do you keep making gross versions of stuff we like. The main two culprits are chicken pundits, KFC and the subject of this particular Greggs. A company whose slogan is “Always fresh, always tasty” which doesn’t really apply when you’re making candles and lip balm.

That’s right, maybe not as gross as the KFC sunscreen or the KFC scented candle, Greggs are pushing their Christmas marketing to the next level with this food-flavoured lip balm.

Greggs have always taken the Christmas season very seriously. Their dedication to finding a pasty place for every Christmas ingredient impresses us year on year but is their lip balm range pushing the envelope a bit too far?

The lip balms come in two flavours. There’s the sweet mince pie flavour which, if you consider the sweetness of mince meat, can be a fruity treat. Alternatively there’s a festive bake flavour which really doesn’t sound great.

We can only imagine it would taste like kissing someone who has just eaten a Greggs festive bake. Hardly a romantic image.

As The Metro report, the dubious festival bake balm is inspired by the classic taste of chicken breast, sage and onion stuffing and sweet-cure bacon in a sage and cranberry sauce. Though we highlight doubt that this balm will capture the nuances of these flavours. We reckon it’ll just taste like weird chicken.

Probably for the best, the lip balms will not appear to be available for purchase online, but Greggs gave out a load of them in stores earlier this week. We can’t imagine they were super popular so maybe pop into a local Greggs to see if they’ve got any spare.

At worst, this is a gross invention. At best, it’s just going to make us want to eat Greggs.