14 Facts You Most Probably Didn’t Know About Gogglebox

Ah, Gogglebox.

It’s the Channel 4 show that everyone’s fallen in love with. And after seeing our favourites chill out on the sofas every week, we kinda feel like we’re part of the family.

But there’s actually a lot about these people that we’ve been kept in the dark about. You may be surprised…

1) There’s a fourth member of the Moffatt family. As well as their daughter Scarlett, mum Betty and dad Mark also have youngest Ava Grace.

Scarlett tells Now: ‘We asked her to join and she said no! She’d 100% outshine me if she did. She’s sarcastic, dead funny and proper cute. It wouldn’t be good for my street cred to be losing arguments with her.’


2) Steph and Dom’s B&B contains four buildings. Aside from the main house we see on the programme, there are three other outhouses.

Before they found fame on Gogglebox, the posh pair appeared on Four In A Bed.

3) Alongside the three sons we’ve met, Sid Siddiqui has a wife and two daughters. They just didn’t want to be on TV.

4) The Malones have another son, Lee, and a daughter named Vanessa. Their dog collection totals five: Dave, Lucy, Frankie, Izzie and Joe.

5) The Michaels also have secret family members. There’s daughter Katie and son Pascal, who studied Neuroscience in Aberdeen.

6) Stephen and Christopher had been friends for nine years. They dated for five and a half months when the show began, but split at the end of the first series.

Thank God they’ve stayed mates, eh?

7) Viv Woerdenweber runs a gothic shop called Twilight, while Ralf is a drummer in heavy metal band Citizen Zen. Eve works as a tattoo artist out of her mum’s shop.

8) Nikki Tapper once got through to the final stages of Jewish Mum Of The Year.

This is actually how the family got their gig on Gogglebox. A researcher had visited her house a few times and remembered her when they were looking for participants.

9) Reverend Kate says she started going to church when she was 14 because she fancied the vicar’s son… now-hubby Graham. They’ve been together for 23 years and have two children.

10) Josef is a Cluedo world champion and Bill is a former British chess champion. They met at a Monopoly walk.

11) Scarlett Moffatt is trained as a ballroom dancer.

12) Sandra has four children and two grandchildren. She and Sandi are best friends, having known each other for over 40 years.

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13) Pete and Linda have been married for 17 years. As you can probably tell, Pete and step-son George are very close.

Linda’s a carer and Pete works as an electrician. They both grew up in London’s East End but now live by the seaside.

14) The show’s theme tune is performed by the Irish rock band Kodaline and is called Perfect World.