Giovanna Fletcher On Pregnancy Fears: ‘I Thought Something Was Wrong’

The author is expecting her third child

By Mariana Cerqueira

From the editors of Good To Know

Giovanna Fletcher has opened up about her pregnancy fears for her third child, a week after announcing she and husband Tom Fletcher are expanding their brood.

She’s already had two babies, but every pregnancy comes with its fears and worries.

Giovanna took to her vlogging channel on YouTuve – MumDays – to open up about being worried about the baby in her first trimester. Explaining that she found herself experiencing ‘unbearable pain’, she then said it turned out to be a stomach bug.


‘Last week I ended up with a tummy bug. I actually thought something was wrong with the baby because I’ve never experienced pain in my tummy like it’, she said.

‘It was all over and literally touching it ever so slightly caused me unbearable pain. I was actually worried that something was wrong but it turns out that it was a tummy bug.’

When she became ill with the stomach bug, McFly’s Tom posted a picture of her going to bed with a sick bucket, which at the time prompted pregnancy rumours.

He wrote on his Instagram: ‘She came to tell me she was going to bed because she felt sick…in case I hadn’t guessed. 🤢.’

The pair have also revealed they might keep the gender of the baby a surprise.

They already have two boys – Buzz, four, and two-year-old Buddy – but they won’t mind if they have another little man.

She said: ‘Every child is different no matter that gender they are, and actually, rather than looking at it as ‘another boy’, it’s another child, another human, another personality in to the mix.

‘It really doesn’t matter if they’ve got a foof or a willy.’

Speaking exclusively to GoodtoKnow, Giovanna opened up about the emotional transition of becoming a mum-of-two.

‘Your heart just grows. And then it grows again and again and you love your first child more than you ever thought you could when you see them giving love to the second child,’ she gushed.

‘I mean obviously part of parenting is refereeing but it’s amazing seeing those moments where they are playing together, looking after each other and caring for each other.’