This Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath, According To A Dentist

Bad breath is one of life’s most simple displeasures. There’s no hiding the fact that we eat and when we eat it causes smells to linger on our tongue. It happens to everyone, no matter how flawless we think they are. The distinction lies in how people deal with bad breath.

Excluding specialist medical conditions there are some basic mouth hygiene rules that everyone should follow: brush your teeth twice a day, floss or don’t floss (we can’t remember which is correct) and chew gum if you’ve eaten something particularly pungent.


No-one’s telling you that you’re not allowed to eat tuna for lunch as long as you understand your responsibility to make sure you’re the only one tasting it two hours later…

However, because of ‘etiquette’, you can’t go around telling people that they smell like a family of rats built a home in their mouths, lived their for three generations only to be wiped out by the plague… it’s just rude.

Business Insider collaborated with dentist Ada Cooper to get to the bottom of how you can eliminate bad breath from your life outside of the usual twice-a-day brushing routine…


Brushing Your Teeth At Night

We won’t say that there is one time to brush your teeth that is more important than any other however, for breath and health purposes, brushing your teeth is slightly more important based on the fact that overnight your mouth will primarily be closed and cause all that gross bacteria to marinate… yuck.

Water, water, water

I’m a firm believer that most superficial bodily issues can be solved or at least alleviated by drinking more water than you’re currently doing. Drinking coffee, alcohol and smoking will dry your mouth out quicker than a jar of sand in a sauna. Keeping on top of your water levels can really make a difference…


Brush your tongue 

The back of your tongue is the source of oral smelliness. Most toothbrushes nowadays have a rough edge on the back of their head, that’s for brushing your tongue if you didn’t already know. Pro tip: use it.