Germophobes, You *Need* To Know This About Your Dog’s Mouth

They’re woman’s best friend but dogs can be disgusting some of the time, well, most of the time. It’s weird to us when people dress their dogs up and try to impart human norms onto their animals when little Fi-Fi would much rather be hoovering up anything that falls out of a public bin.

There is an urban myth that your dog’s mouth is cleaner than the typical human and, unbelievably, it’s actually true! Germophobes would be better off giving their dog a little sugar at the end of the night rather than their significant other… now that’s an image.

The human mouth has 1.4 times more bacteria roaming around than a dog’s. Even when you brush your teeth twice a day, occasionally floss and try not to eat mysterious brown stuff off of the floor, you’re still filthier than a dog.

Don’t believe us? Check out this informative graphic below from Havahart Wireless and cram some knowledge into your brain-crevis!


Image credit: Havahart Wireless

So while our mouths have the cleanliness of a rotting sock, we have the upper-hand in the eating department. A dog’s bowl has way more germs on it than a trusty fork – eat your heart out you stupid dogs. (Don’t tell them that their sloshing bowls are still cleaner than our mouths).

This experiment measured the average number of germs per surface. What surprised us most was the amount of germs that were on our phones! Better get out that screen cleaner kit your Aunt bought you for Christmas.

It should be said, in case you were halfway to bleaching your entire house, that dog germs and human germs are very different. Dog mouths might have less germs according to this chart but they’re very different types of germs. Either way, you should probably start brushing your teeth three times a day…