The Future Is Here, One Company Is Turning Breast Milk Into Jewellery

When we first heard about breast milk jewellery we were kind of perplexed. How? We wondered. Why? We realised was a more appropriate question but apparently this isn’t that new of a development. Using breast milk to make pendants has been a mainstay for craft jewellery vendors for a few years now.

What’s weird is that it took us until now to find out that people were out there doing it. As the Huffington Post report, this kind of jewellery originated as keepsakes for mothers back in 2013 but now, they’re fully fledged designer pieces.

Refinery29 spoke to Amelia Edelman, the ‘hippie’ (her words) that found an Instagram blog and was inspired to have her breast milk fused into something she could wear every day.

Sacred Legacy Arts specialise in what they call “wearable sacred legacies” and are happy to meld jewellery with any part of your anatomy for a price.

We’re talking breast milk, ashes, hair and even your placenta. If you can remove it from your body (without dying), this company will stick it on a ring.

So one of those wonderful pieces could put you back a hefty $400 but in case you haven’t got that much money lying around, some rings start at around $80. That said, a quick peruse of their website shows that a lot of these pieces are sold out!

Maybe that has something to do with how the gemstones are made. Kelly Howland, the mind behind this jewellery, won’t reveal how she preserves the breast milk but, in her words, she uses “chemicals to professionally preserve the breast milk so it can be included into a jeweller’s-grade resin.”

Maybe it’s for the best we don’t know how it’s made.

After looking through Sacred Legacy Arts’ jewellery photos, you can’t even tell there’s human DNA in their rings. But we’ll know, and we’ll never forget.