These Pieces Of Furniture Will Get The *Most* Space Out Of Your Small Room

With housing and rent prices rocketing through low ceilings, the new generation of independent livers are learning to make the absolute most out of small spaces. We believe the expression is doing ‘a lot with a little’ which is normally easier said than done.

Interior design, however, is no longer reserved exclusively for the financially liberal. It can be practiced by almost anyone that’s willing to settle for some folding furniture and a little creative space-making.

These five items for every small flat or house are must-haves and will hopefully feel like you’re living in a home rather than renting a hobbit-hole.

1. Pull-out kitchen table

The kitchen table is one of the essential and space-taking pieces of furniture in the whole house. Especially if your kitchen and lounge are too small for one. These pull-out tables are a great surface when no-one is around and turns into a cool eating space for when you have guests.


2. Fold Down Table 

If you’re really tight on space and don’t really entertain around a table, this fold-down table is the easiest, cheapest and most space efficient way of having an adult table without giving up floor space.

It simply screws into your way and is the perfect desk/workstation for under £200!


Image credit: Amazon

3. The Hollow Chair

Bookshelves are a luxury most rooms can’t afford. However, if you’ve got a spare corner in your room or lounge, this hollow chair is a great way to keep your surfaces clear, your stuff organised and justify having such a big chair in such a small room!


Image credit: StraightLineDesigns

4. Ironing Board Mirror

Despite their verticality, iron boards take up a ludicrous amount of space. They’re usually banished to the confides of a spare cupboard which makes them a pain to get out. This mirror doubles as an iron board so you can try on and iron in one fell swoop!


Image credit: Aissalogerot