13 Types Of Friend Every Girl Has Had In Her Life

1) The party friend

She’s always up for a drink – and she’s not happy when you tell her you’re doing Dry January.


2) The wise owl

You know you can always go to her for advice.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having boy problems, family dramz or just a plain old quarter life crisis.


3) The soulmate

If you invite her over for a sleepover, you know you’ll be having deep conversations until 3am.

In fact, you have so much in common, you’re basically the same person.


4) The work wife

She’s the only one who can cheer you up on rainy Monday mornings.

When she goes on holiday, you basically sob into your keyboard for five days straight.


5) The one that gets you into trouble

She’s an overspender, reckless, lives in the moment… and she’s a majorly bad influence on you.


6) The boy mate

Because someone’s got to decode your dates, right?


7) The drop-out

She cancels on you so often you’ve pretty much given up on making plans.


8) The wingman

When you two go on a night out together, you’re on a constant look-out for guys for each other.

She’s also the best gal to double date with.


9) The childhood friend

The photos she has of you could do some serious damage.


10) The sensible pal

She has a mortgage, a wedding ring and a fridge full of kale. Her life is basically where you see yourself in 15 years.


11) The long-distance friendship

She went on a post-uni gap year to Madrid, fell in love with a sexy Spaniard and never returned.

You may only see her once a year, but it feels like no time’s passed at all when you finally get to catch up.


12) The boyfriend-obsessed one

She’s just got a new man and they’re the definition of ‘the honeymoon period’.

Basically, you’re not going to see her for six months.


13) The weird one

If you don’t have one, it’s probably you. Soz.