The Friends Café In Singapore Is Upsetting Fans Of The Show Everywhere

Friends is a show that millions of people hold dear to their heart. Because of the youthful aplomb found the first couple of seasons, many people found themselves relating to the gang way back in the day and still now.

When the show spiralled into success, the resonance faded but the investment in the characters, humour and running gags kept the spirit of Friends alive even a decade on from its final episodes.

Friends has forged many friendships and is loved by people of all nationalities, ages and genders. It’s just a shame when people use this passion and try to make a shallow profit from it like what’s happening in Singapore right now.


Central Perk SG is Singapore’s latest themed café and follows the trend of the numerous Friends coffee shops that are popping up all over the world. Our most recent chance to sit in the famous sofa was at FriendsFest a couple of months ago.

But disappointment followed initial excitement as the coffee shop announced its membership fee in a Facebook post. For the luxury of entering this Central Perk you have to pay S$1,000 which is £589!

Are you kidding?!


So let’s humour the pricing for a second. Regardless of the difference in living costs over in Singapore, what exactly does this membership get you?

According to the café you’re given access to priority queuing but you still have to queue. You’re also allowed to bring up to five guests at once and make table reservations.

But that’s pretty much it bar the occasional invitation to special events. The management said that they hope to “bring more benefits to members” but it sounds more like there are less Central Perks and they’re just being Central Jerks!

Central Perk SG – Timeline | Facebook

Central Perk SG. 20,703 likes · 2,161 talking about this. (Friends theme cafe) Recreating Friends, one coffeecup at a time.

We love the idea of getting Friends fans together and building a community around a hub but if the entry price is so expensive only Season 10 Joey can afford it, you’ve got to count us out.