Our Five Step Guide To Hiding Drunkenness At A Work Social

Thank goodness it’s Friday! When the clock strikes 4:30 (let’s be honest here) the euphoric TGIF moment becomes reality. What this moment represents is the maximum amount of free time you’ll have until you have to start thinking about work again. Today we’re talking you through a difficult situation: hiding drunkenness in a semi-professional environment.

Okay, here’s the hypothetical. You’ve left the office and gone to your nearest public house. Maybe it’s been a while since you last drank or maybe you haven’t eaten anything today, either way, those three drinks are starting to feel like six.

You know this because you’re at the stage of drunkenness where you start getting paranoid about how drunk you are. Getting a bit tipsy with colleagues is always fun but don’t be making a fool or yourself now.

Here’s our four step guide to hiding your drunkenness from co-workers.

1. Breath

Right, so breathing is just good life advice. However, spending some time focusing on the way you breathe will give you a focus point in your inebriated state. It will keep you in the present moment instead of trying to piece together a conversation from three minutes ago that you just nodded along to with a crooked smile on one side of your face.

2. The old-fashioned TC

This is too desperate maybe for this early in the list but if you find yourself in real trouble as a result of some poor tequila tolerances, you might need to scoot to the loo for a Tactical Chunder. Emptying out can remove all of the unprocessed alcohol in your stomach and can help the speed of the recovery process.

3. Keep moving

Physical activity helps you process the alcohol slightly faster than usual. Perspiration will also remove some of the alcohol from your system. Whether you want to get on the dance-floor early or power walk to the next bar – you need any advantage you can get.

4. Wait

There is no miracle cure to drunkenness, it’s just a waiting game. Curb your drinking but don’t stop completely lest anyone become suspicious. The rule of thumb is that you need to wait one hour for every drink you’ve had to reverse the effects. You do the maths.

5. Leave before it’s too late

If you’re getting too close to the edge, there’s no shame in ducking out early…