What Flight Attendants *Wish* They Could Tell You About Flying But Aren’t Allowed

Collectively, we all have a lot of questions about air travel that we’ll never know without someone on the inside revealing some trade secrets. Things like: what happens if you don’t turn your phone off during the flight? and what happens to all the confiscated items at security?

Maybe it’s for the best that we don’t know the answers to these questions. However, for the smaller things, it’s always exciting to hear the flight secrets from anonymous attendants.


Speaking to Business Insider, over 60 flight attendants weighed in on the things they wished they could tell you about air travel but can’t because, well, they’d probably lose their jobs.

If your flight is delayed, you’ll probably miss your connecting flights

This is the harsh reality of the situation. Attendants get asked all the time whether people will miss their flights and while nobody can say for certain, it’s considered bad practice to tell customers that they’re effectively doomed.

We wish we were staffed better so we could give you the service you deserve

On average, most airplane carriers staff one flight attended per 50 people. If you’ve just received your first drink, you’ll just have to wait for the other 49 people to get served before you request that extra bag of pretzels, sorry.


Keep your shoes on when you walk about

If you think the floor is even nearly clean you need to have a serious conversation with yourself.

Get over yourself (Our favourite)

“You’re in a metal tube hurtling though the air at 600 miles per hour at 38,000 feet – you should be amazed, not b**ching that you don’t have a TV screen to shove your into for the next two hours”.


First and Business class don’t get preferential treatment

They may get a better choice of drinks and a meal with actual cutlery, flight attendant time is distributed according to class. Take the aforementioned advice and get over yourself.