The *Flawless* Method For Shifting Your Hangover In Time For Work

Sooner or later you’ll find yourself with a hangover on a work morning. For some people, this is a weekly occurrence. However, if you’re the type to save the raging for the weekend, waking up to a 7:30 alarm with your body screaming for hydration can be quite the shock.

A weekday hangover is no different to a weekend hangover. By this we mean: they feel exactly the same.

The difference being that on a Sunday hungover, your only responsibility is meeting your friends for some food or bailing on those plans and just keeping yourself alive.


If you decide that a Tuesday night is pretty much the same as a Friday night, don’t be surprised when the following morning is the hardest one of your life.

When you’ve only got an hour to prepare, you need to do everything in your power to get your body in good shape as not to write off an entire work day.

Hot water and fresh lemon

Not only will the bitterness of the lemon wake you up, by it will restore your liver tissue which detoxifies your bloodstream. This will result in you getting over your hangover by lunch… hopefully.

Get one of those green smoothies

You can never have enough fruit when you feel like your body is melting from the inside-out. Load up on any smoothie that’s packed full of fibre. Avoid juices and stick to smoothies, you need the pulp to build proteins in your body.

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Avoid heavy proteins/fats

Conventional wisdom says that a fry-up or bucket of eggs is great for a hangover because the protein soaks up to excess sugars – and this is true. However, at the beginning of the day, when you’ve got a commute ahead of you, a big breakfast will use too much digestive energy and slow you down.

Ginger tea

Look, you can’t miss work because you’re hungover. No matter how nauseous you feel, a little ginger tea should take the wobble from under your knees and settle the hurricane that’s ravaging your tummy. Trust us, the storm will pass by two o’clock.

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