How To Make A Five Minute Christmas Dinner In A Mug

Christmas dinners are, and have historically been, labours of love. If you’re doing them properly, they should take a good few hours and as many helping hands. So much so that a lot of people are taking to preparing all of their Christmas dinner components the night before which makes a lot of sense.

But it was only a matter of time before internet creators figured out a way to reduce this three hour process into five minutes of bish-bash-boshing.

christmas dinner

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We’re not going to knock it though. We’re all for our personal, traditional Christmases but you can’t argue that preparing a roast dinner in a mug is impressive.

This revolution comes from Masterchef star Theo Michaels and his Youtube channel, Theo Cooks. Check it out below.

There’s been no alteration to the ingredient list. Turkey, stuffing, sprouts, pancetta, cranberry sauce and even parsnips are featured. Obviously there are less of them because they’re all got to fit in a mug as you can see.

You build this little dinner like you would an ice-cream sundae by just throwing the ingredients on top of each other and then wrapped up like a pancetta. Sounds really good but how good can it actually taste?

christmas dinner

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Michaels reckons it’s just as good as a dinner that takes hours to prepare. He’d have hell to pay bringing that up at his Mum’s dinner this year since it’s a big claim but we suppose we can’t disagree until we try it for ourselves.

As The Independent report, Theo claims that it has less than half the calorie content of your Ma’s Christmas dinner.

We’re still not on board for cooking our turkey in the microwave, we love the idea of these single serving microwave meals. Theo’s Channel features other mug dishes like Moussaka and stir-fry.