*This* Is What Happens When You Turn Up To A First Date In A Wedding Dress…

We’ve spoken a lot about first dates recently. That’s because there’s a lot to talk about. In today’s dating age, first impressions are everything.

They’ve always been important but because of social media, it means that your date has already created their own version of you in their heads based on the information on your Tinder, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. You have to compete with that expectation!

The social constructs surrounding dating are enough to make even the most level-headed and confident singleton feel anxious.

There’s no better way to exploit those anxieties by creating the worst case first date scenario for the sake of charity! YouTuber Laura Bubble did exactly this pranking unsuspecting lads on first dates by wearing a full wedding dress complete with veil and bouquet.

The reactions were absolutely priceless!

The prank was part of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign that’s been running through the length of October with the theme of rebellion.

Of all the Youtubers releasing videos for this incredible cause, Laura Bubble is by far the best – purely for the variety of reactions that the wedding dress pulled out of these guys.

It was a great litmus test to see what kind of guys were ready to engage in this unusual situation and who chickened out? We should call ‘Max’ out as a little chicken for straight up denying his own name and answering the most unconvincing fake call in history.

It seems as life Laura actually came up a winner on two accounts. Not only did she get to make some people squirm for the viewing pleasure of the internet, she got a free trip to the cinema out of it!

We can’t help but feel bad for any of those guys that were properly looking forward to their first date but, oh well, charity is more important!