Men And Women Share Their Most Annoying First Date Pet Peeves

A first date is a trial by fire, more now more than ever. Unless it’s a blind date, you’ll spend most of the date laying the groundwork for a first impression and fulfilling expectations that your potential partner might have firmed upon you from your online profiles.

The best dating advice is to just stay out of your own head. Keep an open mind, be yourself and don’t keep updating your friends how it’s going.

There are only a few concrete dating rules and they’re more like guidelines….


Match went out to survey the good people of the world to find out what the most popular first date pet peeve across both the genders.

As HelloGiggles report, these are the most basic things to avoid on a first date.

1. No phones at the table

It’s amazing that after all this time people still have to be told that it’s not okay to have you eyes on your phone while someone is trying to talk to you… especially if you’re meeting them for the first time.

Get used to staring at the screen if this sounds like you, that second date text will probably never come.


2. Put some effort into the conversation

Engaging in conversation isn’t easy, we get that. The complexity of social discourse is beyond comprehension but you’re an adult now, you should know how to hold a conversation for more than five minutes.

If you ‘click’ with a person it should be easy but don’t freak out if it takes a little while for the dialogue to pick up.

3. Nobody cares about your money

This is a stereotype that needs to die yesterday. 34% of women said that this was their number one pet peeve: dudes bragging about their money. Guys, get over yourselves.


4. Guys, don’t try to impress

The likelihood is that what you try to impress your date with, doesn’t actually work. Most people will be interested in the honest side of you that you wouldn’t consider impressive.

41% of women found the constant bragging from guys an instant turn-off.

5. The Miss Perfect ideal doesn’t exist either 

According to 28% of men, they can tell when women are trying to come across as the ‘perfect girl’ – whatever that means. Just be yourself!