We Finally Know What Your Finger Lengths Say About Your Personality

Can our physiology say anything about what kind of people we are? Palm reading has been popular for decades and will probably continue to be despite scepticism. However, the growth of your finger in the womb can say more about you as a person than any fortune-teller.

This is straight science. High exposure to testosterone in the womb can slow the growth of your index fingers in the womb. This is why guys more commonly have a difference between their index finger and ring finger.

In the animal kingdom, exposure to testosterone early in life has “permanent effects on adult behaviour”. Scientists are looking to see how this exposure effects humans.

This is what they found as reported by Cosmopoliton.


Image credit: Katie Buckleitner

1. You’re faster, stronger, more enduring

This sounds like a superhero pitch but women with extra exposure to testosterone (man-chemical) end up faster in endurance spots like long-distance running and extreme Netflix marathoning.

2. You’re less likely to stay faithful

A study connects this hormone exposure and sexual promiscuity after comparing 575 adults’ attitudes about sex to their finger lengths.

3. You’re more likely to be attracted to other women

This study looked at the hands of 720 men and women, and asked them about their sexual preferences and birth order. Women who self-identified as lesbians fitted in this category more often than not.


Image credit: Katie Buckleitner

1. You have the best memory

People will lower levels of testosterone tend to do well in tasks that require them to remember things. This is maybe the most handy ability out of the finger lengths.

2. You’re more likely to be married

“Women whose hands indicated they’d been exposed to less testosterone in the womb were more likely to be married, suggesting a sort of biological preference among men for women with more female characteristics.”

3. You’re at greater risk for anxiety

This is something to watch out for! Look after yourself and try not to get caught up in your own head about finger lengths.