Your Favourite Vodka Could Be Turning Brown This Year For The Weirdest Reason

Vodka is the clear liquid from the heavens that fills our heads with foggy joy. It can also awaken demons as some of your friends have probably proven in the past. But it’s Monday so let’s keep a positive spin on this.

If you’re as big a fan of a transparent and stiff drink in the evenings you might be in for a surprise in the next few months. In an industry U-turn that no-one saw coming vodka and gin producers are starting to turn their products brown…

According to Delish, the change from crisp, transparent liquids to an autumnal brown is a total business strategy to win over millennial drinkers since the young people have jumped on the brown liquor train.

I for one entirely blame Macklemore, like I do most things. If he hadn’t steered the youth toward the ‘Grandad Steez’ we wouldn’t be in this toilet water situation! Damn you, Macklemore!

Either way, alcohol producers are starting to distill their vodka in whisky casks to give it a rustic hue while others are just chucking in some caramel flavourings.

There are a myriad of ways to get this effect from the alcohol but it all depends on whether the market is ready to let go of the clear vodka. Grey Goose are making baby steps (don’t give Vodka to babies, we shouldn’t have to say) by blending their vodka with cognac.

Quartz pointed out that darker spirits have a “craft feel that fits a more mature, complex palette”. The vodka zeitgeist is veering away from a cheap and overindulgent drinking culture toward more wholesale and rustic rebrand. Have you been to East London recently?

If this news is a bit too much too handle, it might be easier after a stiff drink. Maybe something amber toned?