This Fake John Lewis Christmas Advert Is So Good We Want It To Be Real

The John Lewis Christmas Advert has become the aesthetic for British Christmas. The emotional manipulation, charismatic characters and voiceless message has been warming hearts for nearly a decade now! In the run up to the release of 2016’s there’s been plenty of rumours.

Not to stoke any hype fires, A-level student Nick Jablonka created his own version of the John Lewis Christmas advert that a lot of people mistook for the real thing!

Check out Jablonka’s ‘The Snowglobe’ below!

Based off of 2014’s ‘Monty The Penguin’, the video went wild and hit half a million views. After it blew up (and the fear of a John Lewis lawsuit became real, we can imagine), Nick posted a clarification to Youtube to explain what was going on.

“This definitely isn’t the official John Lewis advert”, he says.

“To clarify, I do not affiliate myself with John Lewis or any of their production companies, this video is nothing more than a showcase of my last years media work”.

When Youtube commenters started demanding that John Lewis offer this aspiring animator a job, Nick replied to one commenter with some true Christmas spirit.

“Thank you Joanne, I just wanted to combine a warm love story with the idea of appreciation of those precious Christmas moments!”

The best news, as reported by OK, is that PR agency W Communications tweeted our guy Nick saying: “Hey¬†@atnickjablonka, we are v impressed with your ad. Keen to talk to you about a role at W (for when exams are over). DM us your details!”

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

So where does that leave us? Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the advert, we suppose.

One mysterious Twitter account posted a 10 second clip of a bulldog patiently watching a little girl bounce on a space hopper yesterday. The clip ends with the unmistakably John Lewis font fading in #BounceBounce.

Today the account posted another clip off the little girl bouncing on the sofa next to a Christmas tree as the bulldog bobs his head in time. We’re pretty sure this is the real thing!

Keep an eye on the ad-breaks this Friday, 11th November. Christmas is just getting started.