Facebook Bug Causes People’s Profiles To Tell Their Friends That They Died

For some, the world might feel like it’s in the toilet right now. Sure, it’s nearly Christmas and the moon is going to look pretty cool tonight, but the Presidential election and Brexit aftermath is really getting everybody’s spirits down. So much so that a Facebook bug decided to tell everyone that very-much alive people were dead this weekend.

We arguably use the concept of death colloquially too often. Things that make us laugh kill us, things that embarrass us kill us, but Facebook… really? You’re going to tell our distant Aunties and secondary school rivals that we’ve passed on?! Dick move.

So this Facebook bug, like every bug, probably wasn’t planned. Users found over the weekend that they had a notification that urged their loved ones to turn their profiles into memorials.

But before you start spiralling off into a wild conspiracy theory about how Facebook is a way for the government to catalogue gullible members of society to cross-reference with the off-the-grid heretics planning to overthrow the tyrannical powers while selling our information to corporations… think about this.

Even Mark ‘The Nark’ Zuckerberg was supposedly hit by the bug…

The fun thing to come from this strangely dark turn of events is that everyone turned to Twitter to crack even darker jokes about their digital deaths.

If you needed an excuse to quit Facebook, maybe the site telling you that you died this weekend is a sign that it’s time to bite the bullet and live your non-digital life.

Anyway, here are some tweets.

The hashtag #FacebookDead led to a lot of speculation about how the last week’s events are pulling the strings of social media. Could Trump be targeting people already? Is it just a ‘bug’?

Stay tuned for some crazy conspiracy theories from those friends-of-friends that are just too woke for their own good.