The People Who Make Emojis Are Letting *You* Vote What The New Emojis Should Be ?

The day has finally arrived. Emojis are passing the mantle of responsibility to all the millions of people that litter their online messages with the spherical icons. From now on the company behind the most profitable pictures in the world will let the users dictate what emojis should be introduced into the wider emoji vocabulary.

Back in June, Unicode Consortium introduced 72 new emojis onto everyone’s phones. The excitement died down eventually. It’s like teaching a class of toddlers a new word: they’ll be really excited at the beginning and use it flagrantly but soon enough it’ll just become part of their everyday communication.


While we can’t contribute to the Presidential Election in the UK, if you want some control over your destiny then swing by the emoji request website to vote for 144 newly designed emojis. Check out the picture of the most requested (at time of writing) below.


They might look totally fake but they’re actually not! Personally, I’m a fan of mind blown one and the sad poop. 270,000 requests have been cast so far and is set to rocket beyond that number. What will be disheartening is if the emoji vote gets proportionally more interest than the EU referendum did or even the general election…

Voters will need to link their Facebook accounts to vote for whatever emoji they think they need. It should be mentioned that this isn’t a democracy. Just because people like the Shh-ing face right now, it doesn’t meant that Unicode Consortium are actually going to respect your requests.

Whatever happened to power to the people?