How To Eat Fully Organic Without Spending Your Life Savings

It’s no secret that switching to the organic lifestyle is an expensive life choice. Despite the benefits to the environment, animal welfare and your body, it’s hard to swallow that organic food is as much as 50% more deer┬áthan whatever you’ve been buying in the supermarket until now.

The higher cost is for good reason, though: organic farms treat their employees better and the food requires care and time to develop all those flavours and nutrients.

However, eating the right food doesn’t need to bankrupt you, at least, not always.

Getting more for your money is the way to look at this switch. There are some things in life you can’t cheap out on, two examples being food and the other being toilet paper…

Once you make the switch you’ll never go back (so people say). You’ll feel better about yourself and, another thing, here’s why you shouldn’t feel like organic food is out of your price range courtesy of the good people at Wizzcash!

Stay away from supermarkets

Supermarkets’ organic sections are a step in the right direction but will charge you extortionately for the privilege. They also don’t truly understand what ‘seasonal produce’ means. Head to your local farmers market and get the freshest produce right from the hands that picked it!

Make use of your freezer

A lot of people are turned off organic food because it doesn’t keep very well. Pro-tip: if you don’t think you’re going to eat the food, freeze it for a later date. Organic food is especially expensive if you keep throwing it away.

Learn to cook

By cooking from scratch, most of the food budget can go towards organic produce, meat, and dairy. This is much cheaper than buying the organic prepackaged snacks/ready meals that are priced very high.

Grow your own

Who said you had to buy organic food?