*That* Dress Optical Illusion Is Back, But This Time It’s Called #MyBag

We thought it was finally over. After a year and a half we thought #TheDress debacle was finally over. Those who saw gold and white agreed that it could be blue and black from some angles. The illusion shattered but as now been rebuilt by #MyBag.

The internet is once again losing its collective mind over this handbag that appears white to some people and blue to others. Despite all the explanations for why this happens, we’ve all regressed back to February 2015…


As Bustle report, a Kate Spade handbag on Twitter posted by WhyofCorso caused a perceptive crisis as the Twittersphere saw different colours. This is the kind of stuff wars are started on.

You can see from the Twitter exchange below, all it took was one dissenter to claim “it’s blue” to spark an internet wide upheaval that mirrors #TheDress outrage in pretty much all aspects. Check out #MyBag if you don’t believe us!

Because of the dress situation, most people were pretty happy just seeing what they were seeing. A basic explanation for why we see different colours is that our brains are experiencing something called top-down processing where we see what our brain expects according to a presumed context. Basically: we see what we think the colour should be according to a thousand little factors.

However, some people, as always, are getting a little too upset with people thinking different things to them…


Image credit: Screenshot/Hellogiggles

Unlike #TheDress owner, Corso has taken control of the situation. Presumably after 24 hours of being bombarded with notifications the Twitterer shut the debate down.

So there you have it. If you see “mystic blue”, congratulations, your brain can interpret a picture! If not, that’s fine too!

As far as dividing content, there’s a lot more to argue about than a bag illusion right now…