The Draconid Meteor Shower Is Tonight Which Could Affect Your Life In A Big Way

Last week we were all excited about the Black Moon. The month of October will have two new moons which means that our month is bookended by two dark, dark nights. For the astrology community, this means that the cosmos will be encouraging your optimism! (That’s the short version).

Like magic, this weekend sees us in the midst of another cosmic event that has huge consequences for the naturally connected and pretty cool results for those of you that are into star-gazing!


Let’s start with the astrologically effected: good news, Mercury Retrograde is now over. For the unaware, in this period, Mercury appears to be travelling backwards from our global perspective thus affecting us natural beings on an emotional an communicative level.

Because of Retrograde, our daily communication skills suffer and decision-making becomes very difficult.

That period is now over just as the Draconid Meteor Shower begins tonight. Coincidence? Actually, yeah.


So what is actually happening with this meteor shower – let’s talk science.

Unlike most shooting star shows, this shower is best seen at nightfall. This means that between 7pm and 9pm, you’re in for a treat!

To get the best view of this cosmic spectacle, point yourself toward the northern half of the sky in a clear and comfortable dark spot. Turn off any nearby lights or just get as far away from civilization as possible. The showers will appear in the sky like shooting stars so be sure to make plenty of wishes!


So how will this shower affect your life? Well, according to The Awakened State: “Shooting Star symbolise Good Luck. They’re a sign of change or big events coming towards your life”.

Read into that as you may but, if you want your first taste of astrology in action, the combination of Mercury Retrograde ending and this meteor shower means that the universe is providing its own ‘Friday Feeling’.