The “Dogs Who Brunch” Is The Greatest Instagram Trend Of All Time

Of all the fleeting Instagram trends, The Dogs Who Brunch is definitely the one we’re least likely to tire of. Once you’ve seen a few avocado toasts, you’ve pretty much seen them all; the same could be said for before and after gym pictures. However, a terrier face-down in some scrambled eggs is the gift that keeps giving.

The ‘gram of the century has been posting adorable pictures of puppies at brunch since July 2015. Brunch is by far the most versatile meal and dogs will always be #onbrand as long as they maintain their curious, tail-wagging appeal which, according to the laws of evolution, they will.


Not convinced? How could you not be? You haven’t lived into you’ve seen a pomeranian in an adorable stripy jumper eyeing up some Eggs Benedict. It’s like all our favourite things in one!

With over 7,000 followers this account is still an upstart but has the potential to be one of those legendary accounts that people will torture their pets for. If this trend properly catches on, think about the market increases in tiny dog clothes and brunch foods.


There’s not a lot more we could say about this heart-melting fusion of pups and delicious food but that’s the beauty of it – Dogs Who Brunch requires no other explanation. It’s beautifully simple. Follow them here.