What Kind Of Dog Parent Are You? Take The Test

The ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ is old hat now. This decade marks the rise of the ‘Crazy Dog Lady’. The Telegraph described the ascension of canine companionship as “unstoppable”. With artisan dog foods and River Island designing their own fashion brand for dogs, our feelings for our pets are extending into parenthood. The Dog Parent is real.

Talking about her dog, actor Jennifer Lawrence told Vanity Fair about her little brown pup, Pippi Longstocking. She said: “I am a psychotic dog mom in a way that I am genuinely embarrassed about. If I could put her inside me and give birth to her I would”.


Maybe the Dog Parent thing is a bit obsessive but we are who we are. And not all Dog Parents are the same! Like human parents, pup parents all have their own looks, training techniques and hobbies.

Which one are you?

Team Player

Your doggo is as much a personal trainer as it is a fluffy companion. The dog parents won’t go running without their dogs. They can be spotted sporting some sort of activity fitness tracker and their dogs are probably fitted with a special doggy hi-vis jacket.

These are the kind of dogs that aren’t allowed on the sofa.

The Fur Baby

These dogs are treated like children. They’re given the best food available aren’t to fraternise with any dangerous dogs and are the kind of dogs allowed to sleep in the bed at night. These dogs are also super-dependent on their owners, which is kind of unfair.

Charitable Hipster 

There are people out there that want to revere in the ‘value’ of the pedigree dog but also want to social media props for rescuing a dog. It’s the cruelest and most insincere style of dog parenting.


The ‘average’ dog owner. The kind of person that owned wellies before getting a dog and firmly asserts the boundaries between man and beast. Poops are no problem and dry dog food is fine. Everything they own probably smells of dog.