Ugh, Doctor Livestreams Real Life Surgery Through Snapchat

Do you remember when DJ Khaled announced that he was going to Snapchat the birth of his first child and the world grimaced in unison and said, “…really?”. In case you missed it, Khaled did Snapchat the hell out of his son’s birth but it was mainly shots of his tired looking face.

However, coincidence or not, this combination of ignoring privacy boundaries and Snapchat has inspired this real-time surgery live steam.

We should warn you that things might get a bit icky from this point on. If you’ve got a weak-stomach, avert your eyes and phones.

Dr. Shafi Ahmed is the surgeon behind this weird melding of medical procedures and social media. Using the highly-coveted Snapchat Spectacles, which up until this point have been used for sex stuff, Dr. Ahmed used his Snapchat Story to document and effectively livestream for his students.

When performing a hernia repair surgery at London Independent Hospital, Dr. Ahmed was able to provide his students with a first person perspective with an in-depth look at the surgery.

Check out the footage from the surgery below – it’s pretty amazing!

This isn’t the first use of future technology to teach medical students, the same doctor made headlines back in April when he made the first virtual reality medical film in April using a 360-degree camera.

According to The Next Web, the surgery was watched by 150 to 200 medical students via Ahmed’s story. The surgeon did, however, archive the video because if medical students had to learn a whole surgery in a 24 hour surgery, that’d be pretty irresponsible.

Ahmed said of the stunt, “I’ve always thought about the way we teach. How do you use these wearables in the clinical workspace for practice and also education purposes?”

This is way more useful than DJ Khaled’s snaps. Most things are.