Designer Trades Office Job To Be A Snapchat ‘Storyteller’ paid $500,000

2016 is the first time, probably in human history, where young people are making their fortunes by doing silly young people things. Before, the only way young people could make money was by being a teenage genius and revolutionising an industry (Zuckerberg) or inheriting a load of money from dead parents (Batman).

Nowadays, you can clear a couple million a year from talking to a legion of like-minded individuals via Youtube. It doesn’t matter what the content is, it’s your face that makes the money… and this is a hard concept to get your head around sometimes.

Now if you’re a Vlogging sceptic, you might want to sit down because this will make your blood boil. Designer Cyrene Quiamco one day found that her expert doodles on Snapchat could make her a tonne of money… that’s right, she is a professional snap chatter.

Her ‘Celebrity Selfie’ collection drew a lot of attention over the course of the year. Her doodles became so well liked that she was able to pack in the day-job and become a Snapchat content creator to pay the bills.


Image credit: Cyrene Quiamco

Her job doesn’t just involve drawing characters and getting a load of money dropped on her from Snapchat, she’s like an ambassador for the platform. Her stories often feature competitions and interactive games.

She also produces sponsored stories for the app’s globe fanbase; around 100- 150 million people per day. Companies like MTV, Samsung and Disney have commissioned her for her Snapchat skills!

Naturally this job pays very well, $500,000 well. The 27 year old began her creative journey by taking pictures of colleagues at her web designing job and using the drawing tool to pair them up with uncanny doodles of celebs.

Image credit: Cyrene Quiamco

Image credit: Cyrene Quiamco

If you’re not convinced and think Cyrene is just another #millennial cashing in on the wilful ignorance of other #millennials, watch this video below. More work goes into Cyrene’s craft than you realise…