7 Things Your Dentist Wishes You’d Stop Doing Right Away

We're definitely guilty of a few of these...

What’s the secret to perfect teeth? We sat down with cosmetic dentists Dr. Lisa & Vanessa Creaven, owners of oral care company Spotlight, to discuss the dos and don’ts of taking care of our teeth.

1. DON’T forget to floss

This is something we should be doing every day, people.

‘Regardless of how great you think you are at brushing your teeth, it is near impossible to get into every little gap,’ they told us.

2. DO ditch the manual tooth brush

An electric brush allows for more accurate and consistent brushing. ‘Manually you are inclined to brush up and down, which makes cleaning in-between the teeth next to impossible. Also most electric toothbrushes have a two minute timer to ensure you are brushing for long enough.’

3. DON’T skip the mouthwash

Although it’s obviously no replacement for brushing your teeth, using a mouthwash does help to maintain your oral health.

Lisa and Vanessa advise: ‘Antibacterial mouthwash can help with bad breath and some smaller oral issues. Look out for one that contains fluoride, as this can help protect your teeth.’

4. DO be careful what home teeth whitening products you use

According to the experts, an active ingredient needs to be present in order for teeth whitening to really work.

‘Hydrogen peroxide is used [by dentists] and in very few over the counter whitening products,’ they tell us.

Their brand Spotlight includes Teeth White Strips that contain this active ingredient, with a small amount on each strip to gradually build up lasting results through daily use.

We’ll be taking these for a spin ourselves, so check back soon for a review.

5. DO remember that some food & drink can stain your teeth

Tea, coffee, red wine and fizzy drinks with lots of sugar are amongst the worst culprits. Anything that’s dark in colour is likely to cause staining on the teeth. Turmeric and curries are another culprit.


6. Do also remember that white wine isn’t guilt-free either

Sure, red wine can stain your teeth. But if you were thinking that reaching for a glass of white wine is better, think again.

It is highly acidic, and reports have stated that this can lead to a breakdown in certain minerals, such as calcium, which help protect your teeth from erosion.

7. DON’T put lemon in your drinks

We know. SHOCKING.

Whilst we always thought we were being super-duper healthy by having a slice of citrus in our water, we’ve now been told that we could actually be causing problems for our gnashers.

‘They are very acidic and this damages the composition of your teeth.’