The Best Way Of Getting Your CV To Employers Is By Delivering It With Doughnuts…

When you’re between jobs, getting your name can be difficult. Once you’ve exhausted the fruits of your networking and called in any favours from past colleagues, you might have to get creative to get noticed.

Job hunting, after a while, becomes an anonymous exercise of firing out application after application and pitting your skills against a random sample of people in the same position. It can be stressful, have a doughnut…

And this is where the story of Luka Yla, the 25 year old who was sick of the vapid and impersonal nature of the employment process. He came up with the most inspired way of getting his CV into the right hands.

A few months back we mentioned the now GQ intern that designed and printed his own issue of the magazine but filled it with his CV instead and that was impressive enough… now we have Luka.

Originally from Lithuania, this San Fransisco based technology worker dressed up as a delivery man and dropped off doughnuts at the offices of prospective employers.

However, these doughnuts were filled with more than just icing and jam….

Each doughnut box contains a CV and a note that reads:


This delivery is not a mistake. I pretended to be a Postmates delivery guy to ensure my resume was delivered to you personally. 

As you have noticed, I approach things in a different way and most importantly – I like to get them done.

My name is Lukas; I am a marketing guy with five years of experience. I admire your company and would like to work for you.”

You’ve got to hand it to the guy, the plan gets your attention and is straight to the point. So far Lukas has handed out 40 boxes of doughnuts with some success.

According to the Metro he’s landed about 10 interviews with creative agencies and too right!