Everyone Is Deleting Their Food Pics From Instagram For The Most *Amazing* Reason

At time of writing, #FoodPorn has 99 million posts attached to it on Instagram. That’s probably more posts than if you googled regular porn which, from we’ve been told, is what makes up most of the internet. However, new reports are seeing Instagram users deleting their food pics… what’s going on?

Can you imagine your Instagram feed without heavily edited pictures of seasonal delicacies? For better or worse that’s the future we’re steering into. But don’t worry, it’s for a really, really good cause!


You might love your perfectly contrasted dinner shots but it’s important to realise how fortunate you are to even be enjoying these meals in the first place. Land O’Lakes is addressing hunger in the US with their new campaign, Delete To Feed.

The campaign is a simple and wonderful as this: “For each food post you delete, Land O’Lakes will donate 11 meals to Feeding America”.


The point of the campaign is to spread awareness of hunger in America. With a donation base of food posters on Instagram, there’s no reason this campaign won’t go global and feed even more people. After all, the foodie revolution isn’t just centralised in America and neither is the hunger crisis.

You can contribute by linking your Instagram account with the Delete The Feed website. You then can choose the food photo you want to sacrifice for the greater good, share your contribution with your followers and just like that, 11 meals will be donated to families and individuals in need.

Feel good about yourself!


Nearly 60,000 meals have been donated which is fantastic but not good enough considering the 99 million posts out there. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and delete!

Even if you’ve spent months crafting the perfect profile, pick an old photo that nobody even looks at to sacrifice. The hunger epidemic is more pressing than your Instagram vanity but we’re just saying, there’s always a way to do something good for someone else!