Dad Copies Daughter’s Selfies And Becomes Overnight Instagram Star

We’ve all slowly come round to the idea of opening to door to our parents on social media. Regardless of your age, you don’t really want your parents all up in your Facebook and Instagram business… especially when there are Dad jokes to be made.

Many months ago, the internet caught wind of one Dad hell-bent on parodying his daughter’s sexy selfies in the most grotesque and embarrassing fashion.

It’s all done in good fun though. Chris “Burr” Martin told Huffington Post that it was a way of “throwing water on the fire” of weirdo guys commenting inappropriately on his daughter’s pictures.

So what’s happened since then?

Well, Burr is, by trade, a comedian and podcast host who has collected more than 80,000 followers which is nearly double Cassie’s modest 46,000. The relationship has come along way. Cassie even has “My father harasses me on social media girl.” as her Instagram bio.

The growth of Mr. Martin’s page has obviously stirred something in Cassie to swallow some pride.

One of the most recent posts is captioned: “Cassie has asked me for a ‘shoutout’ to get more followers because HAHA! I have more. So… I… guess… if you want to… go follow her page….. Sigh…. Man! The things I do for my kids! #selfiedad @cassiethegypsy”

When these photos originally broke on the internet, Cassie was surprisingly cool about the whole situation. But how many 19-year-olds would actually react that way?

Can you imagine what it would be like if your Dad did something like this to you? We get to laugh from a distance but it’d be a real test of grit to just accept this.

The alternative is having a super controlling parent that takes away your phone for taking selfies.

It’s Sophie’s choice: being told what to do on Instagram or seeing your Dad’s midriff…