Dad-Bod Helps Guys Live Longer And Is More Attractive To Women, Says Science

Dad-Bod made its come up last year as a popular body type for men. Well, that’s a confusing sentence. Men have always looked this way since the dawn of time. Metabolisms slow and muscle definition fades. It’s a natural process but more recently this dulling of the physique has had a rebrand as the “peak of human evolution” (for men, that is).

As of last year, biceps are out and bellies are in. The figure of the Dad-Bod isn’t to be confused with the beer belly or obesity. It’s the body of men who are a few years past their prime but still squeeze in the occasional hour in the gym.

A new book called How Men Age suggests that a slow physical decline for men results in them retaining their health, becoming more attractive and generally live longer?

But how can this be? Surely being an absolutely shredded 60 year old is a better situation than being asked to play Santa for your kid’s Christmas concert every year?

Apparently slightly chubbier men are less likely to suffer from heart attacks and prostate cancer.

Maybe this is the case because the book was written by a man? Anyway let’s dig deeper.

The book claims that testosterone depletion is the reason blokes with tummies are more attractive to women, “One effect of lower testosterone levels is loss of muscle mass and increases in fat mass.”

“This change in body consumption not only causes men to shop for more comfortable pants but also facilitates increased survivorship and, hypothetically, a hormonal milieu that would more effectively promote and support paternal investment.”

So the book says that the more cuddley a man becomes, the more he represents good Dad material. But then again this could all be a rues to justify the insecurity behind gaining weight as a man.

Washboard abs are overrated… the definition of impressive is being to balance a bowl of Doritos on your navel.