Five Things Cruise Ship Workers Want To Keep *Secret*

There’s always been something shady about what happens behind-the-scenes on cruise ships. Maybe because these vessels spend most of the time on international waters or maybe it’s mermaids, either way, if you’re dubious about the conditions of living for the workers, you wouldn’t be totally off-base.

Back in 2011, a cruise ship worker by the name of Rebecca Coriam disappeared off a vessel ran by Disney Cruises. The case was closed with a conclusion being reached that Coriam was thrown off of the deck into the sea without anyone realising.

It’s tragic but suspicious. Numerous reports point to there being very little chance of Coriam falling off the ship. What’s even more suspicious is that Disney and the cruise company tried to cover up this disappearance… very suspicious indeed.

Point is, there’s a lot we don’t know about the world of cruises. A recent Reddit thread asked cruise ship workers to reveal things about their jobs that the public just shouldn’t know…


1. Washing is a living nightmare

Some of the biggest liners have upwards of 2,500 crew members living in the ship and as many to 5/15 washer and dryers for everyone to share. Laundry day could actually last a full day.

2. One thing can decide whether you’re going to get lucky or not

The seas can be a lonely place, especially if you’re away from home for months at a time. If you have single room, you’re going to get a lot luckier than if you have get busy with seven people you’re working the next shift with lying only feet away.


3. You can’t fraternise with passengers

It’s not typical to find singles looking for love on cruises but there’s still a strict policy on crew members fraternising with passengers. As a crew member you’re not allowed to take lift rides with passengers if there’s not a third person to ride with you. You also have to keep your hands in view in any photos with guests. You get sent straight home for any funny business.

4. There are three types of people that go on cruises

Newlyweds, overfeds and soon-to-be-deads…

5. ‘High-school mixed with jail’ 

Ship life is as cliquey and bitchy as the typical high school you’ve seen in the movies except you don’t get to go home at the end of the day, you’re stuck in a tin can with everyone that they hate and everyone that hates them… sounds like a blast!